Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Manglish sounds like?

English: Would you turn off the fan?
Manglish: Off the fan.
English: Oh dear,I'm going to be in deep trouble
Manglish: Die!
English: Would you be so good as to turn on the tap,please?Of course!
Manglish: Can on the tap-ah?Can!

English: Would you happen to have some coins?May I borrow 50sen, please?
Manglish: Got coins or not? Can lend 50sen -ah?

English: These durians are really good!
Manglsih: Best - lah the durian!

English: Why is that idiot honking away?
Manglish: That idiot horn for what?

English: I'd like to order a glass of plain water.
Manglish: Sky juice one.

English: Encik Kamal is out of town.
Manglish: Encik Kamal outstation.

Englsih: What are you talking about? That;s absolutely ridiculous!
Manglish: You talk what? Rubbish - lah.

English: I have yet to pay the fine.
Manglish: Norchet pay fine.

English: Would you reverse your car?
Manglish: Gostan!

English: Why are you so long-winded?
Manglish: Talk so much for what?

Sedap tak bunyi English-Bahasa Melayu,kalo dalam bahasa kasar nye, bahasa rojak...hehee..just share some (ini pun manglish)hahahaha...anyway, yg penting org faham...

(reference: Honk if you're malaysian - Lydia Teh)

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