Saturday, October 30, 2010

Many Modern Western Women Convert to ISLAM!

Hye Guys, this is story relating the title of this post. One day I went through the newspaper and i found this topic, and it has attracted me. Besides we heard United States and western country condemn Islam and its believers and create what it is called 'Islamophobia', many western women started to make Islam as their faith of life.

They called themselves an European Muslim because they are not born as Muslim. They accepted Islam not because of men who they are wanted to marry but they accept because of the beauty of Islam they found in Qoran and Hadis. They started to make Islam as their routine. They go to mosque, leaving alcohol, stop partying, pray five times daily, and other practices by Islam.

List of western women converted to Islam:-

1. Lauren Booth,43 ,Tony Blair's sister in law converted to Islam after she went to work as journalist at Palestin. She found Islam brings happiness and peaceful.

2. Kristiane Backer, 43, ex MTV host converted to Islam when she married to Pakistan cricket player, but not long last. However after the divorce, she started to learn in-depth about Islam and practice what is obliged to her by religion.

3. Camilla Leyland, 32, a yoga teacher. She converted to Islam because she found Qoran says of 'intellectual and feminism'. She said Islam give equality to women.

4. Lynne Ali, a former DJ. She is happy now pray five times daily. She knew about Islam when she met her boyfriend at university. His boyfriend's sister talk many times about Islam and its beauty. From there, Lynne attracted to Islam. Now she happy with her life as Muslim and not go back to the old life as a wild girl who like partying and drunk.

This is a several story about western women. I believe they are more of them, only that they are not out in press. But what make me sad is about a born Muslims leave Islam. Not practice Islam and took western life as their practice. A born Muslim do not like to implement Islam totally and take half only.


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