Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tips for stay young and healthy

Would like to share with u all guys some tips for staying young and healthy. I got 10 tips here... guna pakai la kalo rse nak nmpk sihat sentiasa dan nampak muda...hehehe

1. Keep yourself active physically and mentally
"studies show that people in Okinawa, Japan, live longer becoz they have purpose in life. You need to have purpose in getting up in the morning and looking forward to doing something. A lot of older people, especially retirees do nothing. Keep yourself occupied. Plan something for the next morning so you have a purpose in getting up.

2. Keep yourself socially engaged
"People who are loners age faster. But those who are close to their spouses, children or friends, live longer. Make it a point to get involved in social or community work where you meet people".

3. Take a good nutrition
A common problem with most elderly people is that they do not eat well. Some may have lost their teeth and others their appetite.

4. Exercise regularly
Exercise is not really necessary for people below the age of 30 but from 35 to 40 years, it is important to do so.

5. Stay slim, get enough sleep and have plenty of sex
It is all about the mindset when it comes to sex, most elderly folks think that sex is a no-no after 60. Some just lose interest in sex whilst others just can't . But if older people are physically active and have good nutrition they don't lose interest in sex.

6. Prevention of falls
Be careful not to fall.WHen people get older, they tend to get osteoporosis. SO don't get fall from stairs..

7. Keep up your self esteem and image
There's no such thing as an ugly person, Just a lazy person! Dressing up and keeping yourself looking good will build your self esteem and give you a purpose in life.

8. Hormone balancing for internal ageing
The buzzword in medicine is to prevent ageing, both internally and externally. For internal ageing, there are stem cells and hormone balancing. The newest issue is bio-identical hormone balancing where you can check your eight different hormones.

9. Aesthetic procedures for external ageing
Go to dermatologist and plastic surgeons if you want to undergo any aesthetic procedure like botox or collagen fillers.

10. Nutri-genomics
The next big thing is nutri genomics - nutrition for your genes, be it fat genes, free radical, cholestrol or detox to name a few. Can also check on disease genes. So you all can prevent from diseases.

Harap2 korang paham la ye....kalo nak paham lagi bleh la search kat sini GOOGLE...hope you all get something from this. see ya next post

source : new straits times

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